WALKWAY (ART SPACE): Time Framed/Drawing Out Conversations

Wall mural
Wax and soot
214.5h x 304w cm

More about this artwork:

Although, limits are often perceived as hindrances that can make one feel trapped, they also serve as the crucible to a person’s maturity. This does not necessarily mean to solely accept our conditions in defeat but to learn to cooperate, and eventually, overcome them. Overcoming limits is the same as learning how to work with them; adapting to your environment; organic workflow of trial and error/experimentation; doing what looks good; adapting a single material to an environment.

I chose to work with wax where fire will be applied to melt the wax. The melted wax is then dripped onto the wall organically without any definite intention of outcome. The flexibility of the material allows for the removal and remold to create a more desirable composition. The idea of the method itself reflects on the versatility of fire in the habits of early humans such as generating heat and light for survival hence
reinforcing the ideology of adaptation.

Apart from using melted wax, the soot produced from the candle is also taken into consideration to create this work. This technique is called fumage, used in ancient art forms whereby the soot would leave an impression on the canvas.

The entire process is of random spontaneity and improvisation in hopes of achieving an abstract aesthetic. The nonobjective and nonrepresentational art form allows for interpretation, varying in its symbolic meaning as well as concerning the nature of our sense of beauty.